February 11, 2008

Kung Hei 'Rat' Choi

As we transition from the bloated Year of the Pig into the scandalous Year of the Rat, a (sadly large) segment of the internet and media community has gleefully leapt from the trough into the gutter. On top of ruining the careers of local celebrities, what's more at stake is the issue of safe harbour and protecting people's privacy and rights in the online world.

Thankfully, we still have high-quality journalism to draw us back to the issues that really matter. The folks at the Wall Street Journal came out with this multimedia report on the value and taste of rats in Vietnam. In the last rodent cycle 12 years ago, rats were very much on the menu in Southern China. I'm not sure if we've moved on or whether the freezing temperatures have frozen up all our rodent delights in this part of the world.

To cheer you up after those post-CNY blues, the creative team at Atomic Sushi (thanks for the witty headline!) have created a catchy Facebook game, aplty named "Rat Race".

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