February 14, 2008

Web Wednesday - Social Mixer V10.0

Happy Valentine's to you all!

If you were lucky enough to hug Geoffrey the Giraffe at our February event (Web Wednesday - Social Mixer V9.0), you would have gone home with more than a fistful of new name cards.

For ladies, we had plush roses and for men, if your bluetooth worked, Rubik's cube videos, ringtones and mobile wallpapers. And we mustn't forget the special 20% discount on lingerie purchases from Figleaves.com.

What else could you possibly want as this loving time of year?

A big thank you to Argha Sen, Head of Marketing & CRM for Toys R Us Asia, for explaining the true meaning of CRM, namely "treating your customer as an individual not a statistic", and sharing with us the challenges of incorporating the latest internet technologies into the marketing mix, especially for a traditional toy retailer.

We will be uploading the full interview here soon. You can listen to our previous interviews on our Odeo Channel.

Our next event, Social Mixer V10.0, will be on Wednesday 5th March and our guest speaker will be Kenneth Kong, Head of Digital Media for IMG Sports, the company that invented sports sponsorship.

We will be looking at how the sports industry has engaged the online world and how this is changing the promotion and coverage of global events, like the upcoming Beijing Olympics. Of course, with over 500 million mobile users in China, cell phones will also play a major role in promoting the sponsors link to the world most talked about Olympic event.

As per usual practice, the bar opens at 6:30 p.m. and we will start the interview at 7 p.m. Venue remains the same at Lotus Restaurant & Cocktail Lounge, 37-43 Pottinger Street, Central, Hong Kong.

Make sure you download the Lotus wallpaper from our mobile website
(m.webwednesday.hk) if you want a free cocktail to help you break the ice. Lotus will also be offering us a discount on drinks, HK$40 for standard booze and HK$25 for soft drinks.

If you want to come along (entrance is free), please sign up via to the event invite on Facebook or just turn up on the night.

If you have a question that you'd like to ask Kenneth but are to shy to do so in person, please post it to our discussion board on the Web Wednesday Group on Facebook which now has reached a grand 455 members (as of 14th Feb 08).

A special thanks to the people and companies that support this event:

  1. Outblaze - social collaboration software (behind the scenes).
  2. Lotus Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge - venue, complimentary cocktail and finger foods.
  3. The HyperFactory - SMS contest, mobile website and coupon download.
  4. Epsilon Interactive - email marketing platform.
  5. Beansbox - email design.
  6. Asia Digital Marketing Association - official industry endorser.
  7. Palava Digital - event organiser & web community pioneer.
Looking forward to another memorable evening of networking and sharing ideas!

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