March 3, 2008

Web Wednesday sports a new logo!

Given that it has taken us 10 months to get a logo, you can tell that Web Wednesday is run on a "when we have spare time" voluntary basis!

To be fair on ourselves, we wanted to focus our initial energies on building up a community and regular monthly event. Now that we've achieved over 460 members on our Facebook Group and regularly attract 100 plus attendees to our monthly social mixers, the time was ripe to go "official" (or should we say, "out of beta"?) and launch our first logo. We like it's freshness and the fact that (a) it's to the point and (b) reflects our simple goal of brining people together to talk and share ideas.

Besides, we had the fortune of getting to know Belle Liu, the founder of Beansbox, who's "passion for design" convinced us that her team was the one to make it happen. Thank you, Belle!

Beansbox has brought us a step further up the professional ladder by creating a crisp and unique newsletter template (see below) that we will use to communicate with our opt-in mailing list 350 or so members. We will post a copy of the latest enewsletter here for those of you who aren't lucky enough to be on our list (please contact me if you want to subscribe).

A special thanks to epsilon for providing their Dream Mail platform to manage our email communications. We are happy to be able to promote their support along with our other sponsors via the new email template as you can see below.

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