June 13, 2008

Social Mixer V13.0 draws a caring crowd

This past event drew a smaller (still a respectful 80 or so) but different crowd. On top of learning about Relief.Asia and it's disaster-supporting technologies from innnovative Edmon Chung, many had come to hear about The Library Project and how it's pioneering founder, Tom Stader, had managed to set up and run a charity in China.

Tom's photos and wonderful keynote slides kept the audience under wraps for over 30 minutes. We will be posting his slides here and on the Web Wednesday Group on slideshare within the next few days.

Apart from the usual networking and "advancing the digital cause", I was very proud to achieve our main goal for this event, which was to generate funding for The Library Project. Within the period of 24 hours, Tom had received funding commitments for 3 rural school libraries and HK$5,100 in cash donations!

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