June 30, 2008

Webwednesday.hk - One of Hong Kong's top websites?

This blog, WebWednesday.hk, was recently listed as one of Hong Kong's top websites in "Net Pickings", an article by David Wilson published in the South China Morning Post's weekend magazine. (Sorry not link available as all articles closed to non-subscribers). From a traffic perspective, I'm sure this is not true but appreciate the attention and flattery anyhow.

Here is the introduction from David's article:

"Hongkongers seeking information, like-minded friends or simply to vent their spleen are catered to in abundance online. David Wilson compiles a list of the top 20 local websites.

In keeping with the buzz on its streets, Hong Kong has a humming presence on the Web. The city's digital suburbs have many interesting drawcards - biting satire, an engaging community, investment advice with a twist, even pretty pictures.

Consider the following list of top Hong Kong websites as a public service, saving residents and visitors the hassle of wandering aimlessly around cyberspace. The sites featured below either have high online traffic or content that is engrossing, amusing, daring or that simply makes life easier. Bloggers are heavily represented in this list, thanks partly to volume. Jennifer McLean, a spokeswoman for the blog search engine site Technorati, says the internet hosts 2,000 Hong Kong-tagged English-language blogs".

And the description of this blog:

"More than just a hub for tech talk, Web Wednesday serves as a forum for anyone involved in the online social-networking industry. The site is run by the indefatigable Napoleon Biggs, an internet entrepreneur and sinologist. It blends the geeky with the polemic and includes a video clip on nationalism and how the Chinese and outsiders see the Middle Kingdom".

Much appreciated, David. Particularly liked the description as being "indefatigable" (Had to look it up) and only wish it applied to all aspects of my life, like child-rearing!

Other sites listed in the SCMP article are : Hong Kong Disneyland, Mister Bijou, Hong Kong Airport Shuttle, Hong Kong Crawler, Discover Hong Kong, Zorpia, Xanga, Lamma, Glutter, Hongkie Town, Batgung, Ordinary Gweilo, The Underground, Big White Guy, aNobii, Hong Kong Outdoors, Cloudless, Hemlock's Diary and Bullpoo.

Yes, the list is skewed to the English reader but does include local bilingual sites as well. Would be interesting to see a list of the popular local Chinese sites if anyone wants to post it here.

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