June 19, 2008

US$347,043 raised via SMS

On this blog, I try to keep track of new and interesting uses of technology. Strangely enough, many of these uses happen during times of crisis, be it natural or man-made disasters.

SARS created belief in working remotely and using the internet, mainly email, skype and IM, to communicate with colleagues, clients and loved ones...without breathing on them!

Now the Sichuan earthquake has shown how the internet can be used to keep people updated via Twitter micro-blogging, blog and BBS postings as well as video and other forms of current internet activity, like Google maps mash-ups.

In a posting on May 30th, I cited a campaign by Hong Kong's Wireless Technology Industry Association to raise funds for the Sichuan Earthquake by merely sending an SMS. In one single day (June 17th), the Hong Kong public sent 110,000 SMS which led to a donation of HK$2,770,000 - or US$347,043 - to the “512 Artistes Fund Raising Campaign” (演藝界512關愛行動).

The WTIA Executive Committee then added a further donation of HK$27,700. Good on yer!

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