September 4, 2008

BarcampHK - mobile website goes live!

Our friends at MobiTMS have set up a mobile website for the upcoming Barcamp user generated conference in Hong Kong (hashtag "#barcamphk"). Simply enter your full mobile number (e.g. 85291234567) in the banner below and you'll get sent the link via SMS. Cool stuff, heh?


Unknown said...

The banner doesn't work.
I entered my mobile phone number 85261xx2613 and clicked on send button, but failed.

Guillaume Lam

Napoleon Biggs said...

Thanks for the heads up, Guillaume. We're having it looked into.

Napoleon Biggs said...

Guillaume: it's up and working now. MobiTMS informed me that it wasn't a bug; they just needed to top up the SMS account for this banner. So the current SMS limit is set at 1,500 messages. Should be enough for an event that is expected to draw 200-300 people.

Unknown said...

Hi Napoleon,
thanks for the information.
I retried this morning, and received the SMS.
Thanks for the help.

See you guys tomorrow.