January 22, 2008

Why TurnIn when you can TurnOut?

Finally, a media conglomerate that gets it!

Today, Turner International (the owner of Cartoon Network and CNN) announced that it has teamed up with Outblaze, a global provider of messaging and social collaboration services, to develop a series of online communities for kids and tweens across Asia.

Based out of Hong Kong, the new enterprise (called "TurnOut") will leverage Cartoon Network’s extensive library of popular cartoon characters and the pioneering web expertise of Outblaze to create new forms of branded digital entertainment.

“We're immensely excited to partner with Turner on a project of such potential,” said Yat Siu, CEO of Outblaze. “We will be working on highly recognizable brands like The Powerpuff Girls, Ben 10, Mojo Jojo and others to develop new service-rich web destinations enabled for web 2.0, with games, video sharing, and much more.”

Turner International's VP of Business Development, Yew Ming Lau, has the vision to see that “Digital distribution is the future and as an entertainment superbrand, Cartoon Network is committed in developing new and innovative ideas within the ever expanding digital landscape.”

They have ambitious plans in the pipeline, such as entering China with online content, launching massively multi-player online games,turning the digital content into merchandise and developing a range of educational products.

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Robert A Vollrath said...

Great blog. I have a friend that is talking about moving to China. I'll point her to this blog.