July 14, 2008

Web Wednesday expands to Guangzhou!

Back in June 2007, I launched the first Web Wednesday event in Hong Kong, with the encouragement and help of Louise Kristensen (nee Hammond), Online Business Director of Eight Partnership. You can read about it in my first blog posting, "Humble Beginnings".

Facebook was the vehicle of choice for managing the community, under the "
Web Wednesday Group", and our membership has leapt from 20 people back in June 2007 to 663 internet movers and groovers as of today!

Top of my
new year's resolutions for 2008 was to expand the community; we seem to be well on the way with a regular event in Singapore, now on its 5th social mixer and our first event in mainland China, across the border in Guangzhou. All three events are endorsed by the Asia Digital Marketing Association, who helps us promote our social networking events to it's member database across the region.

If it weren't for the friendly networking environment that Web Wednesday provides, I wouldn't have met Dr. Lonnie Hodge, who has taken on the mantle to host Guangzhou's "Web Wednesday - V1.0". You can sign up and invite friends to join this free networking event on Facebook.

Lonnie is not only CEO of Culture Fish Media but somehow manages to squeeze four careers into his busy life! You can gain a taste of who he is by dropping by his blog, "Onemanbandwidth: An American Professor in China", or coming to the event in person on Wednesday 16th July, 2008 from 6:00p.m. - 9:00 p.m. at Hooley's Pub, Times Square, on the corner of Guangzhou Dadao and Tianhe Bei Lu, Guangzhou.

Lonnie's instructions for those who can't speak Mandarin, "Just tell the taxi driver you want to Xin Shi Dai Guang Chang. It is on the right of the square and (almost) impossible to miss. It has a typical Irish Pub exterior".
(See the map below). If you're coming from Hong Kong, you can book your 'through-train' tickets here.

For some odd reason, Lonnie has decide to interview me (here's my linkedin profile) as his first guest, but I'm planning to turn the event on its head and ask him about his life, which has ventured into many fields, some of which I might not be allowed to post in this blog!


Unknown said...

Hey guys, this post is blocked in the Mainland! And facebook has been really on and off lately. I hope the word gets out!

Napoleon Biggs said...

As blogger is blocked in mainland China, our friend Ulrich has set up a mirror of this posting here:


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